Dr Victor Meijers on International and Chinese Law: The 2 Most Important Trends and How They Impact Business


Dr. Meijers on Legal Cooperation & Trends between EU and China. He is a scholar and a practitioner in law for DeHeng Civil Code N.V. based in The Hague, author and lecturer for Leiden University and other universities. His Chinese home base is a Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is an expert in corporate law, M&As, IPO. He has a very diverse client base, from listed companies, state leaders as well as innovative Startups and pro bono cases. This interview focuses on the two contrary trends and effects of international law development between China and the EU.

In this Interview, you will learn about:

– What are the to contrary trends and effects of international law development between China and the EU – facilitation of business and investments versus increasing rules making it more difficult for Chinese companies to invest in the way they want in Europe. This includes OECD standards with penalties going into hundreds and millions of Euros for European banks in intercontinental transactions. This leads to many of them cutting off China Business.
– On the legal base, China is more forthcoming, working very hard to have their legal system embedded in the international rule of law including the new civil code last year.
– What effects and benefits does this codification of their rules entail for European Business partners?
– Why is this a problem for US Business?
– What legal challenge does the Belt and Road Initiative bring and how does China contribute to mitigate these challenges?

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International China Law

“I always try to pick them up at the airport and then we sit in the back of a car and we drive to the center of Beijing and then if the Westerner will start commenting on “ah that’s very dangerous, he drives wrong, he should do this, he should do that…” I know he this is not my client. You know, I’m not doing this.” – Dr. Victor Meijers

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