Bulgaria and China: Little-Known Insights on Commercial Cooperation
China Strategy Interview Series #25 with Ivo Ganchev

This Interview focuses on the Commercial and Industrial Cooperation between China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ and Bulgaria πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ . This Topic is only rarely covered and it’s a real opportunity to gather the insights first hand.
As the Executive Director of the Bulgaria-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ivo Ganchev has an impressive insight into the Commercial cooperation between Bulgaria and China. He shares the most relevant Trends and News from this Area, Bulgaria’s Cooperation with China in Commerce and Industry, Bulgarias Activity in the BRI. Ivo is based in Beijing and London. He has been working with China since 2012 as an Academic, Executive and Consultant.


Main Takeaways in the Clip:

Bulgarian Businesses are virtually all SMEs due to the small Scale of the Country compared to Europe in General. Bulgaria is by GDP the least developed Country in the European Union. However, Bulgaria is one of the growing countries in the EU and an interesting case study for SMEs. Traditionally, Bulgaria has a good political relationship with China because it’s one of the first Countries that recognized the People’s Republic of China very early on.

What are the outcomes of this relationship in terms of Commerce and Trade? πŸ“ˆ
How much are Bulgaria and China involved through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Mechanisms and the 16+1 Mechanism?
What is happening on the Government to Government Level? 🀝
What is happening on the Level of the Companies? πŸ’±
The Bulgarian Agreement for a Strategic Cooperation with China

China Trends 2022 Ivo Ganchev Emi Hanes
Ivo Ganchev researches international affairs and Chinese foreign policy and teaches at a number of institutions, including Queen Mary University of London and Beijing Union University. He has also been working with private companies in trade, investment, tech and education and is currently Associate Partner at Trade Bridge Group. As an executive, he is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Bulgaria-China Chamber of Commerce.

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