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Find below all past Interviews with and by Me (Click the ▶️ Symbol to Follow):

(#1) Auswirkungen Covid auf Sourcing in China (Christian Santner) ▶️

(#2) Chinesische Strategien&Unternehmensplanung (Christian Santner) ▶️

(#3) Double Sourcing und Regionalisierung der Lieferketten (Christian Santner) ▶️

(#4) International Space Policy and the International Space University (Prof. Gongling Sun) ▶️

(#5) Mondmission und globale Navigationssysteme – die Chinesischen Space Policy Goals für 2030 (Prof. Gongling Sun) ▶️

(#6) Weltraum Kooperation Chinas mit USA und Europa (Prof. Gongling Sun) ▶️

(#7) Chinese International Space Station (Prof. Gongling Sun) ▶️

(#8) What you Need to Know about the Belt and Road Initiative (Prof. Don Lewis) ▶️

(#9) What is the Digital Silkroad and are you Already Using it? (Prof. Don Lewis) ▶️

(#10)The Connections between the BRI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Prof. Don Lewis) ▶️

(#11) How can EU Companies Participate in BRI Projects (Prof. Don Lewis) ▶️

(#12) The CAI – A Story of EU-China Powerstruggles and Misunderstandings (Prof. Don Lewis) ▶️

(#13) Belt and Road Initiative – Wieviel wissen wir darüber und welche Potenziale hat sie wirklich für uns? (Rektor Prof. Dr. Andreas Breinbauer) ▶️

(#14) Belt and Road Initiative – Potenziale und Trends in Zentral- und Südosteuropa (Rektor Prof. Dr. Andreas Breinbauer) ▶️

(#15) International and Chinese Law: The 2 Most Important Trends and How They Impact Business (Dr Victor Meijers) ▶️

(#16) Corporate Social Responsibility System: Benefits and Risks for European Companies (Dr Victor Meijers) ▶️

(#17) The Ultimate Negotiation Strategies for EU-China (Dr Victor Meijers) ▶️

(#18) The two most important trends and challenges for cooperations EU-China (Dr Victor Meijers) ▶️

(#19) Agorá Vortrag für Chinazentrum Uni Salzburg: 🎯 Chinesische Strategieplanung und die Auswirkung auf europäische Unternehmen (Emi Hanes) ▶️

(#20) The 8 Most Important Trends for China EU UK Business and Cooperation for 2022 (Ivo Ganchev) ▶️

(#21) Bulgaria and China: Little-Known Insights on Commercial Cooperation (Ivo Ganchev) ▶️

(#22) Geopolitical Effects of the BRI: A Nonpolar Project Along the Silk Road (Ivo Ganchev) ▶️

(#23) How Beneficial is the CAI for the EU and why is it Stalled? (Ivo Ganchev) ▶️

(#24) Aufnahme Digital China Talk } Business Culture in China Paneldiskussion (Mit Emi Hanes 韩艾美, Alexandra Stefanov 施雅姗, Dr. Bernd Liebmann, Dr. Stephan Ruppert, David Wang, Jing Hu) ▶️

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