Lunar Missions and Global Navigation Systems:
Interview with Prof Sun (2 of 4)


Prof. Sun is a Professor of Space Engineering and Faculty Lead of Policy, Economics and Law. He is a trained Engineer with a wealth of experiences in Daimler Benz Aerospace programs and for the China Manned Space Agency.
In the past 30 years, he worked in China, Russia, the US, Germany and France as an engineer, space system architect for human space flight, program manager of Satellite launch services, government officer, CEO of international joint-venture and much more.
In this interview, Prof. Sun introduces the Projects and Goals of the Chinese Space Policy for 2030

– The ongoing Step by Step Approach for global navigationsystem and its advantages
– Status Quo of the Moon Missions Chang’e 4 and 5
– Why Chinese #aikonauts have pop-star status

Why should you follow Chinese Space Policy? Space is the biggest frontier and investment focus of China, and the official “ChineseDream” has been augmented by the Chinese SpaceDream.

Lt. Gen. Zhang Yulin, former deputy chief of the armament development department of the Central Military Commission (CMC), now with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Strategic Support Force (SSF) said that

“The earth-moon space will be #strategically important for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The future of China’s manned space program, is not a moon landing , which is quite simple, or even the manned Mars program which remains difficult, but continual exploration of the earth-moon space with ever developing technology.”

Did you know? Chinese Astronauts are called “Taikonauts” because of the Chinese word “Taikong” for Space. 





Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Taikonaut or an Astronaut?
Or is space a fascinating Policy Management topic or Business Opportunity to you?
Space is becoming more and more a focus of Business and Development – especially for China.

Anyone who has followed the Mars Rover landing and the planning of the new Chinese Space Station knows that Space is the next big thing in EZ – China Cooperation. How it will unfold depends on how well we understand the topic.

As a long-time Startrek Fan, the next interviews in the Series are very exciting for me. I am honoured to introduce Professor Gongling Sun and the International Space University in Strassburg who provide Training for Space Professionals but also for for Engineers or Project Managers, Space Agencies, Lawyers, Psychologists – and Businessmen.

Professor Gongling Sun will talk with me about International Space Policy, where can you learn to “to go to Space” and what is the relationship between China and Europe on this topic.

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