Strategy Planning in China or: Whey is China the Winner of the Covid Crisis. 

China was and still is the winner of the Covid Crisis. 

So thankful and proud for the possibility to work with the distinguished expert on the BRI and Director of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Campus Vienna, Andreas Breinbauer on my focus topics:
Chinese strategydevelopment and strategicplanning . (German Paper)

We wrote a joint paper for the Academic Magazine “Wirtschaft und Management” on China as winner of the covid19pandemic
I contributed especially the parts about
– The Effect of Covid on the ChinaSourcing situation for companies
– How to move on, use this experience for the best and design your Sourcing in a more sustainable way
– Chinese Strategic planning
– The Most important Chinese Strategies for Companies and Organizations to keep on their monitoring list
– The key areas of the 14th 5-year plan and what they could mean for companies in Europe

China als Gewinner der Covid-19-Krise. Strategien und Supraplanung vor dem Hintergrund der Pandemie und der wirtschaftlichen/logistischen Herausforderungen in Europa bzw. Österreich

The Main Result is: China’s strategic planning – it’s supraplanning – is significantly longer, more strategic and more consequent than decisionmakers in Europe expect.  


Downlad the German Article here (English Abstract)


Chinese Strategic Planning

Download the article here for free.

Of course, an academic analysis cannot replace an individual consultation and analysis of your company’s ecosystem in China.

You can be one step ahead of your competition and plan your Business Development sustainably and strategically by knowing how China plans. Contact me today for a preliminary meeting to find out which Chinese Suprastrategies have possible positive or challenging impact on your company.

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